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Episode Notes:

Lorenzo Luiso from Brick Digital joins John to talk about how he developed his own business, and how he gained his expertise with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay Per Click or Google Ads).

This was a great chance to sit down with Lorenzo Luiso from Brick Digital and talk about his career. There were so many gems that came out of this that we’ve summarised them all here:

  • How Lorenzo started out his own eCommerce store and created his very own product line from scratch
  • What you need to do to set yourself apart in the online retail space
  • Why developing your niche is so important and why being specific can help your marketing efforts
  • His darkest moments and pitfalls and how he remedied the situation
  • How what he learns from his own online businesses informs his successes with his client’s sites
  • What the fastest way is to start getting people on your website
  • What kind of budget you need to consider investing if you’re starting out with Google Ads
  • What pitfalls to avoid when starting out with Google Ads
  • Strategies you can start today to get better results
  • Lorenzo’s number 1 strategy for 2019 which is something you can action now!

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