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Thanks for visiting Simplified Marketing, the show that aims to help you grow your business. How do you get ahead in the World of small to medium sized business in the UK today? We speak to the people at the coal face, working within business, making things happen. We learn from them and the techniques that are working right now!

Lorenzo Luiso from Brick Digital joins John to talk about how he developed his own business, and his expertise with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay Per Click or Google Ads).

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We’re back with another episode after a short break! Everyone is getting back to school and work (albeit with Tier 1, 2 or 3 restrictions) and during the end of the Summer thinking about whether that side project could become more than it is or whether there are other services

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John and Georgia speak to Jordan Gill, Personal Trainer, about how his business has changed during COVID-19 and lockdown. Jordan shares how he set up a highly successful online subscription service for fitness training using purely organic posts on Instagram and landing pages. Find out more at JordanGillFitness.co.uk and about

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We cover “dwell time” the statistic many social media platforms are now using, and many in SEO circles too, to determine how effective content and posts are. What makes great content, which social platforms should you be looking at? The team discusses. Find out more about our experts at JohnLawley.co.uk,

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How We Work

Simplified Marketing exists to help our owner-managers grow their business. We’ve all seen the “americanised” marketing gurus promising amazing results to sell their courses – but what really works for small and medium sized businesses on a budget?

With the help of our experts and contributors we show you what does work and how real people have achieved success in their own businesses.

Our team can also assist you with hands on help and advice to help you grow your trade.